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Here at The Rabbit Shop & Medical Clinic we are a small animal veterinary clinic that not only treat a wide range of animals including rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice and amphibians but we also stock an assortment of herbivore food; a very successful year-round breeding facility for rabbits and guinea pigs and a worry-free pet boarding process.

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Introducing the Rabbit ‘Wellness Programme’

Now there is an answer for rabbit “insurance”

To find out more about our Wellness Program visit here for more information.



We have a brand new Loyalty Program

Loyalty Card site

The loyalty group is for The Rabbit’s Shop & Medical Clinic

In being a loyal member you receive

  • 2 Free standard consults
  • Free nail clip on your pets birthday
  • At each visit 10% of the total service fee (consult) is paid forward to the next visit
  • Free gift for each friend referred to the practice

The cost of the membership is $120 per year.

The Rabbit Shop

The Rabbit Shop & Medical Clinic has a vast range of edible products available for your furry friends. Our dietary products are aimed at ‘pocket pets’ including rabbit, guinea pigs, rats and mice. The Rabbit Shop is a supplier of Oxbow products, which supplies premium hay, life-staged foods and supportive care merchandise


Edible Rabbit Shop Products

Click the link to view the range of edible Rabbit Shop products on offer. All these products are designed and made right been in the clinic. We stock staple hays as well as treats and pellets.

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Oxbow Range

The Rabbit Shop is proud to stock a large variety of the Oxbow Range. Oxbow is a distributor of premium hay, life-staged foods and supportive care products. Just ask us if you need anything.

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Other’s Rabbit Shop Products

Here at The Rabbit Shop, we stock toys, beds, jumpers & helpful veterinary items such as litter trays & nail clippers. We are fortunate to have a member of staff who hand-makes a lot of these products.

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The Rabbit Shop offers a wide range of boarding types, available for viewing on the Services & Prices page above. We are dedicated to looking after your furry friends while you are away, so both you and your bunnies can relax. Please email or call us for a boarding form.

Everyone is fed Thompson and Redwood Rabbit and Guinea Pig pellets mixed into The Rabbit Shop’s very own Grass Mix.  A small portion of carrot is fed daily along with Asian greens such as, Choy Sum, Kai Lan and Bok Choi.  Greens are provided both morning and night.  When available, broccoli leaves and celery tops are added for an exciting twist on their daily routine!  If your furry friends requires an unique diet please let us know so we can organise an alternative menu.

Fresh water is provided in either a bowl or a bottle at all times. Please tell us what your animal prefers so we can accommodate their preference.


  • A/C during spring-summer-autumn as required
  • Ability to ‘furnish’ and ‘decorate’ to your pets needs
  • Free vet check x 2 – on admission and before discharge
  • Large, spacious enclosures
  • Cats in a completely separate building with reverse cycle a/c

If you have any queries regarding your beloved pets’ stay, or any questions about costing, please speak to one of the friendly staff who will be able to answer any questions you have; contact details are available on the Contact Us page.

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